Everyone Was New Once

It's true, everyone in our church was new at one point or another. Some were born here, were invited by a friend, or found it through some other means. We've all been in your shoes.

What should you expect on your first time at Shoreline CRC?

Make sure to arrive a few minutes before the service starts at 10am. The main parking lot is behind the church, feel free to park as close or far away as you please.

Come in through the main doors and you will meet one of our friendly greeters who will introduce themselves and give you the order of worship (our program for the morning). Grab coffee, a seat where you feel comfortable, and feel free to participate as much or as little in the service as you want. You're new, take it in a bit.

If you have kids - Our Nursery (ages 0-3) is located downstairs and we also offer Children's Church (ages 4-10, games and crafts) after the singing portion of the service, also located downstairs.

If you have any questions, talk to one of the folks staffing our welcome center and they'll help you out.

We look forward to meeting you.